Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

+(373) 022 – 20 00 90;

Mun.Chișinău, Republica Moldova

str. Serghei Lazo 40, of.701, et. 7, MD-2004

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Energy for kids

AEER collaborates with schools by elaborating and delivering fun, educational energy-related activities.

Types of activities:
  • Energy Management Course for schools. The course is intended for high school students and aims to teach them the practical aspects of energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable sources. Energy Management classes have an extraordinary effect on students. Students not only find useful information about the field studied but also experiment in a practical way with various professional equipment.
  • Demonstration hours for solar energy.
  • Completing and providing tool kits designed for energy management classes.
  • We also provide the necessary teaching materials that include laboratory sheets in which students record the result of measurements and personal conclusions about energy efficiency.
  • Organizing interesting study tours on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
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