Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

+(373) 022 – 20 00 90;

Mun.Chișinău, Republica Moldova

str. Serghei Lazo 40, of.701, et. 7, MD-2004

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

About AEER

The Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER) is a Moldovan NGO founded on May 14, 2007 as a follow-up of USAID-funded Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency Program(MUNEE), implemented in the Republic of Moldova during 2001-2007.


Contribute to the promotion of policies and best practices in the field of energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RES), climate and environment.

Geographic coverage

Republic of Moldova, countries of the Eastern European Partnership.

Areas of expertise

  • Close cooperation with the Government on approximation of EU directives, elaboration of legal and regulatory framework on EE and RES;
  • Municipal energy management and planning, elaboration of Sustainable Action Plans for Energy and Climate;
  • Promoting innovative financing schemes and business models for developing the EE and RES market;
  • Elaboration of feasibility studies;
  • Implementation of demonstration projects;
  • Project management;
  • Energy auditing;
  • Business Planning;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Public Awareness including education events, study tours, Energy Days, public events;
  • Energy and climate consulting.