Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

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Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables


    The aim of the project was to demonstrate innovative solutions on the use of renewable energy sources and intelligent energy management in Cantemir.
    The project focused on actions demonstrating innovative solutions on renewable energy use and intelligent energy management, such as: installation of photovoltaic panels with network measurement system, solar collectors for hot water preparation, smart energy meters, control and monitoring system. The additional special effect was achieved by installation of the visualization system in schools and in the Town Hall, which would continuously show the level of green energy generated by photovoltaic stations. Two capacity-building events were organised for building managers as well as interested LPAs on the presentation of project results and the transfer of know-how.
  • 2016 - 2019 : EU PROJECT GREEN LIGHT MOLDOVA: MODERNISATION OF STREET LIGHTING SYSTEM IN OCNITA AND CANTEMIR included modernisation of the street lighting system in Cantemir: 416 LED lamps were installed; 11,2 km cables were replaced;
    a new street lighting control system was put into operation, including new control system (internet connection based with real-time monitoring);while m
    odernisation of the street lighting system in Ocnița included installation of 386 LED lamps; replacement of 13,6 km of cables; putting into operation of a new street lighting control system, including new control system (based on the internet connection with real-time monitoring).
  • 2016 2017: Moldovan Railway – Capacity Building on Energy Efficiency Management financed by EBRD aimed at improving energy efficiency as a strategic area for reducing operational costs, improving quality and reliability of service and mitigating the environmental impact of its operations.
  • 2015 2016  : Creation of an Information   Center for Effective Awareness Raising on Sustainable Energy (EE and RES) Project within INOGATE financed by EU. Provide assistance to the Energy Efficiency Agency on creation the Information center and communication plan.
  • 2015: Urban Regeneration Study in Chisinau, Moldova: Identification and assessment for Sustainable Urban Regeneration in the context of EBRD Region and Urban Regeneration potential in the area of Chisinau financed by EBRD.
  • 20112014: Energy 4 Eastern Mayors financed by European Commission aimed at reinforcing local NGOs and local authorities in implementing a more sustainable energy local policy (SEAPs &BEIs). In partnership with cities: Ocnita, Soldanesti, Anenii Noi, Straseni, Calaras, Drochia, Cantemir, Cimislia, Festelita, Soroca.
  • 2010 2013: MODEL-CIUDAD PROGRAM (Management of Domains Related to Energy in Local Authorities – Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue Program) European Commission  funded Program designed for the local public authorities of  Armenia (Spitak), Georgia (Tbilisi), Moldova (Drochia), Ukraine (Lviv, Lutsk, Kamyanets-Podilskiy).
  • 2011 – present: “Capacity Building for the Ministry of Economy in the Area of Energy Efficiency and Renewable in Moldova”, financed by SIDA: provide coordination of local experts’ pool;  support on Energy Strategy, NEEAP & NREAP,  Energy Auditing Regulations development; support for capacity building arrangements; public awareness; etc.
  • 2011 2012 „LTT/Moldova – Assistance with  Drafting the Law on Energy Efficiency”, financed by EBRD: Transposition of Building Energy Performance Directive into primary legislation by developing ex-ante public private policy; draft Law on Energy Performance of Buildings; Regulatory Impact Assessment; compiling the comparative analysis, EU countries; public awareness and trainings for institutional capacity strengthening purposes.
  • 2009 2011: Enhancing Sustainable Energy and Transition Impact in Built Environment – Policy Dialogue” Project, financed by EBRD: Transposition of Building Energy Performance Directive into secondary legislation by providing input data for development of Regulation on Energy Certification of Buildings and Regular Inspection of Boilers; Methodologies for Energy Certification of Buildings; Manual for Professionals; Methodology and Manual for Regular Inspection of Boilers; Excel Tool; trainings and public awareness.
  • 2009 2013: “SYNENERGY” Project within the framework of the E&E Regional Energy Security and Market Development Program funded by USAID and Hellenic Aid. Provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Economy on drafting the heat law, transposition of cogeneration Directive; training of energy managers of 35 regions and development of Local EE Programmes and Action Plans; development of ESCO regulations etc.
  • 2009 2012: Widening the Thermal Solar Energy Exploitation  by the Successful Models funded by South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Program (SEE): promotion of the use of solar energy systems within the framework of local and regional policies and financial measures; public awareness campaign, training for installers.
  • 2008 2009: Cooperated with SWECO,  and National Agency for Energy Regulation  on the project financed by SIDA  on drafting the guidelines for the Electricity Consumer; development of Methodology on Green Tariffs;
  • 20072008: Consulting on  development of policy and legal framework for Energy Efficiency and establishing the Revolving Fund and Energy Efficiency Agency in Moldova with support from  ENSI International.
  • Participated in drafting and promoting the Law on Renewable Energy for Moldova. The Law passed on July 12, 2007.  Contract granted by EU TACIS;
  • 20072008 Drafted Recommendation for the Energy Efficiency Program for Moldova in partnership with European experts under the Japan PHRD Assistance Program for Preparation of the Second Poverty Reduction Support Credit;
  • September-October 2008: Implemented a Project funded by the Austrian Energy Agency to update the site: reflecting the energy situation in the Republic of Moldova.
  • September  – December 2007assisted with creation of the E-library for public utilities consumers at under the SOROS Grant Contract;