Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

+(373) 022 – 20 00 90;

Mun.Chișinău, Republica Moldova

str. Serghei Lazo 40, of.701, et. 7, MD-2004

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Green City Lab/UNDP/GEF

Modernization of interior lighting in public buildings through Energy Performance Contracts under the Program: Fast Track Challenge Program.

The project aims to replace old inefficient lamps in some public buildings in Chisinau with efficient LEDs combined with with modern automatic control functions. The project will also test the financial mechanism for recovering public investments by signing energy performance contracts.

Project duration: 2020-2021
The project is implemented by: LED Market SRL in partnership with AEER and Galicus SRL.

For more information, please contact the team leader, Petr Comarov:
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